I am a storyteller and an experience collector. I was born on Vancouver Island and the salt and the earth of that place is in me.  Over the last five years I have slept more in my sleeping bag than out and have covered a great deal of distance very slowly. One leg at a time, I have traced a line from Alaska to Cape Horn by kayak, bicycle and sailboat.

I have worked in outdoor education and wilderness tourism for ten years and every season am excited about the idea of sharing this place with more people from away. I am passionate about engaging people with place and for giving them a reason to care. With a degree in Social Anthropology, I am always tuned into the ways in which we interact with each other and with our environment.

I am a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. I have big plans to combine my love of the outdoors and of storytelling in fresh and exciting ways. If you have ideas for me or projects you think I should consider, please drop me a line!

merlewis @ gmail dot com