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…despite a prize-winning absence of daily, weekly or monthly deadlines, I manage to effectively procrastinate every week so that the Wednesday sun rarely sees my blog post published.

…I find myself (for the second day in a row), the sole sipper at a small cafe in central La Paz. For hours, I move from table to table, chased by the sun and driven by my small computer’s need for power as shifts begin and end.

…Steve and I spent five hours today passing from one governmental office to another in search of all the pieces required for official departure by sea from Mexico. On the walks between buildings I would try to bring to the surface potentially useful verbs like obtain, check, document, inspect, complete, leave. Disculpanos, I would begin, carefully mapping out the possible directions of every conversation, nos preperamos a irnos del pais por velero.

…We write lists of lists that need to be made.

  • Make a list.
  • Buy fabric to sew flags for Ecuador and Chile (note: only four colours are required).
  • Sew flags.
  • Also, extend the shoulder straps on foul weather pants so as to lower the crotch by just a few inches (this one will be worth it in a couple of months, even if it’s a pain now).
  • While we’re at it, sew a bag for the chain weight of the Jordan Series Drogue, which may stay prepped on the aft deck while on passage.
  • Make an effort to be suitably serious about the business of long distance ocean cruising. Avoid tendency towards nonchalance.
  • Make a list of podcasts to be downloaded.
  • Download as many podcasts as humanly possible.
  • And knitted slipper patterns.
  • Try not to let the outboard run out of gas halfway to the dock again (a beginner’s mistake – inappropriate and mildly irritating).
  • Watch some more instructional ukulele you tube videos.
  • Check daily at the bank for replacement debit card.
  • Don’t lose the list.
  • Or the new debit card.

…We prepare to cross thousands of miles of ocean by buying candy, bungee cord, new rope, more canned tomatoes, vinegar and index cards. Also, I dry bananas on the foredeck (and La Paz has it’s first cloudy day in months).

Somehow, days slide by and hours slip past until one day we will decide we are ready to pull away from this country, bound for points much southward.


  1. Hi Meredith,

    Has John rejoined the boat? Haven’t heard anything about him, since he went home at Christmas.
    Thanks for your blog–hope all is well with you all..Happy list making..Pat

  2. Way to go, Meredith – we’ll be thinking of you and, hopefully, talking on the radio too. We leave Maz on Sunday for points further south. Looks like I’ll be sailing to Hawaii after all – want to share your list of interesting podcasts? I don’t think I’ll be reading much at sea either. Hi to Steve!

  3. What a nice surprise to run into you on the malacon. We finally got back home tonight (Friday). We left Mulege Monday. They Baja Ferry ride back to the mainland was the pits. Thank goodness for the buses.

    Enjoyed your post about getting ready to leave. Kind of going thru the same thing here. This was supposed to be an escape from reality. Unfortunately reality is quicker then I am, and it bites. Buy lots of candy.


  4. Your attitude towards long-passage sailing is similar to my attitude towards birth. Knitting… e-books…tea….snacks. Check. We’re fine. Storms are infrequent, we’re prepared. We’ll deal with it if and when we need to. In the mean time, let’s live life!
    Love you so much

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